Powerloader vs. Alien Queen

11x14 Ink on Bristol Board Convention Commission

Speaking of Conventions:  I'll be in the New York Comic Con Artist Alley this year TABLE E16, so come by and see me. Say "hi", do a dance, walk around like George Jefferson.  It's all you, baby.


Spiderman vs. Cyclone

When asked to draw a Spider-man villain for a commission, I chose to draw the inimitable CYCLONE!  A man with a costume that makes cyclones!

Remember?  I drew him before.  Kinda:

 Come by Table E16 in New York Comic Con's Artist Alley.  I'll be there.
Maybe with a costume that makes cyclones, maybe not.
Come by and find out.



As Seen On: Masters Of The Universe, Jawin' It Up With Trapjaw, 
Aww, P'shaw Trapjaw!,  Top Chef and More

Sketchy commissiony thingy


ZOO: CBS Event Series - Starts June 30, 9:00pm est

A couple years ago, I did the graphic novel adaptation of James Patterson's ZOO.
This June CBS is adapting the very same into a mini-series event

Why not pick up the Graphic Novel HERE first
so you can know when all the scary parts are




Mister Freeze vs. Captain Cold

"I didn't serve all those years in the Cold Armed Forces just to be called 'Mister', BUDDY.  err... No offense."

Pencil and ink commission on 11x17 bristol


Prints For Sale!

Want some prints of some classic villains slamming basketballs?

Of Course You Do.

Get them HERE