Powerloader vs. Alien Queen

11x14 Ink on Bristol Board Convention Commission

Speaking of Conventions:  I'll be in the New York Comic Con Artist Alley this year TABLE E16, so come by and see me. Say "hi", do a dance, walk around like George Jefferson.  It's all you, baby.


Spiderman vs. Cyclone

When asked to draw a Spider-man villain for a commission, I chose to draw the inimitable CYCLONE!  A man with a costume that makes cyclones!

Remember?  I drew him before.  Kinda:

 Come by Table E16 in New York Comic Con's Artist Alley.  I'll be there.
Maybe with a costume that makes cyclones, maybe not.
Come by and find out.



As Seen On: Masters Of The Universe, Jawin' It Up With Trapjaw, 
Aww, P'shaw Trapjaw!,  Top Chef and More

Sketchy commissiony thingy


ZOO: CBS Event Series - Starts June 30, 9:00pm est

A couple years ago, I did the graphic novel adaptation of James Patterson's ZOO.
This June CBS is adapting the very same into a mini-series event

Why not pick up the Graphic Novel HERE first
so you can know when all the scary parts are